About us

LAMODSY is a unique women’s specialty bijou store that pairs the most beautiful fashion in bracelet, necklace, earrings and jewelry set with an intimate, personal shopping experience direct from Italy.

LAMODSY strives to maintain the vision of excellence that guided our first store in 2007. The original small specialty shoe store has grown to become one of the most successful high fashion specialty stores in the region.

Today, these stores offer a unique shopping experience, providing carefully selected luxury brands in shoes and apparel. Our team travels internationally to carefully curate and purchase finely made products from the most forward fashion designers. Apparel and accessories are complimented with the finest cosmetics and gift items.

The entire store is a shopping experience. Our guiding vision has been the same for four generations; everything we do is with our customers in mind. It is that concern for our customers and our true commitment to quality in fashion that has created this business icon, located in California and known throughout the country.